Welcome to our FAQ page, where we've laid out the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive from our clients about our towing and roadside assistance services.

If you have any questions or concerns not listed here, we encourage you to reach out to our staff by phone at (804) 836-5147.

What should I do if my car ran out of gas?

If your car runs out of gas on the road, you can call our team to request a fuel delivery service. Simply tell us the type of fuel you need and your location, and we'll come to fill up your tank for you straight away.

Can you help if I need a jump start?

Yes! Our mobile technicians are seasoned experts at resolving battery problems in vehicles of all makes and models. Over the years, we've successfully jumpstarted hundreds of cars stuck on the road, and we're confident yours will be no different.

Can you help if I locked my keys in my vehicle?

We sure can! Lockout services are one of the many options our roadside technicians can perform for an affordable price. Call us any time of day or night.

My car is all-wheel drive AWD or 4X4, do I need a flatbed to tow it?

The safest way to tow four-wheel drive vehicles is with a flatbed trailer so that all wheels are off the ground and protected from transmission damage. Our company proudly owns and operates several flatbed vehicles and can haul your all-wheel drive vehicle for a reasonable price.
Someone is parked in my personal spot. Can I have it towed at the owner's expense?

Yes. Our company provides comprehensive parking enforcement solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you remove unauthorized vehicles from your property.

Will you come and boost my dead car battery? Will you bring me a new battery?

We can absolutely boost your dead car battery for you, wherever you may be. Our auto technicians are licensed and capable of replacing your car battery too, but our replacement services depend on product availability. If a new battery is not immediately available, we can tow your car to the location of your choice.